1.         How to use Vidmate?


Lauch the app once you haave downloaded it. On the top of it, you can see a lot of sections to browse. You can either navigate by tapping the section you need or by swiping left or right. There are tons of movies that are filtered by a galore of categories and tags as you scroll down. You can browse other apps and games and download it using the app. Latest music with different genres are vidmate download tagged with its respective singers and album names.


2.         How do I access my downloaded content?


There is a download symbol found on the upper right corner. Simply tap it and it will show what you are downloading at the moment.

Through the same menu, you can also see the downloaded videos. You can download a new player or choose a suitable media player available on your phone to play the video. The app has an inbuilt player wherein you can play the music you have downloaded. Some people prefer this inbuilt player more than their own players.


3.         Is there a “Save for Later” feature available?


As of the moment, this feature is not available. You either watch it now or download it later. But if you can't watch it immediately and cannot download it either, you can go to the movie's page and tap the heart shaped button. Thereon, it will be added to your Favourites. This way, you can access the content later.


4.         What if I want to download sensitive content as well, which I wouldn’t want my kids to see?


Vidmate has a content locker which you can use if ever you have downloaded a content that is somewhat inappropriate for underage family members. After clicking the "Download" icon, find and go to files. In that column, you will find "Private Space". Set a 4 digit pass code. After setting the passcode, you can now import sensitive contents. You can import the content to this private space whether you downloaded it or not.


5.         Can I use Vidmate to download content using URLs?


Yes, you can download using URLs. If the URL is in text format, tap it and you will get a list of what apps can run it, or check your App's Settings. You may copy and then paste the URL into the app's search bar. After pasting the URL, click Search. And, you're done!

This Movie HD application is available for the users of Android operating system also.

Steps for installation:

  • The Android users can movies hd easily find the application in PlayStore of their device. From there users need to click on the install to install the application on their devices.
  • This third party application asks for permission while the application is installed in the device.
  • The users need to change the settings of their device and allow the application to install in the device.

Android is regarded as one of the largest using platforms in the telecommunication industry. If you are running out of system memory, then you can definitely install the application in the SD card of the mobile. This application is very much compatible with various types of Android devices that are found in the market. The interface of the application is quite similar to the other version of the application that is used on other platforms.   


You might have read it somewhere that MovieBox App is an entertainment application that will convert your iPad device into something special. If you are a movie lover then downloading this application is a good idea. The process of downloading the application for moviebox iPad, iPad Mini and iPad 1 is easy. You just need to follow the process carefully and make sure that you will not miss anything.
How to Download MovieBox App on your iPad Devices
•First, check your device if it is compatible to download MovieBox in your gadget.
•Next go mobile and make some changes in your settings.
•From the application, go to the settings then to general next go to date and time
•Connect your device in the internet to stream the videos
•Download the MovieBox apk in the device from your browser.
•Tap the MovieBox App apk file twice an installation dialog box will show up.
•Click install and agree with the condition to continue
•The app will start the installation and it will not take that long to complete the installation.
•After completing the process an App icon will show up in the application menu.
Lastly, you have to install the MovieBox App for your iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Mini successfully. You need to have a reliable internet connection to complete the installation to stream the video without any problems.


Video Downloader Apps For Android & PC There are more apps that have the same functions like iTube : Mobdro (Android), Showbox, Cinema Box (Android and iOS), Megabox HD (Android) and Movie HD.

1. Protube : This app resolves the problem YouTube surfers always encounter while streaming and it turns itube apk out to be this app’s big advantage. That feature is that it removes the advertisements while streaming and playing your favorite music from YouTube. This feature is important especially if the user is playing music in the public.

Protube has many technical features including all features of YouTube.

2. Air Music : This is a unique app which connects devices through WiFi connection and play music from it. It cannot access YouTube videos offline. You will need a WiFi connection for you to watch videos you have saved in your phone. AirMusic can be installed and used on many platforms.

3. Insta Tube : With this app, you can stream videos not only from YouTube but also from other streaming websites like Daily Motion, Vimeo and others. You can also like, comment and share the videos through this app.

4. Smart Tube : This has fascinating tools that makes your experience with this app better. It can access all music from YouTube and allow you to make divisions of music depending on your preferences.

As stated before, both mobdro the versions of the Mobdro app have different features. The features of the premium version of the app is as under:


  1. There is not any type advertisement in the application. It is best for the users as the ads irritate users while they watch movies or videos.

    This is the only reason because of which the users like the application and gave positive reviews to the developers. Most of the applications contain the ads problems.

  2. The application does not only support downloading of the videos and movies, but it also allows the users to watch TVs in live mode. This is best for the users who don’t get time in the homes to watch the movies. Those people went to the place and enjoy their favorite drama serial anywhere.
  3. The user of the application has to pay for the premium version of the app because it contains many new features that are not available in the freemium version.
  4. The quality of the downloaded videos can also be controlled by the user. For an example, you can choose either you want to download the video in High Definition or any other quality.

A problem about the application is that, the developers have not created the app in such a way that it is supported snaptube by the IOS devices. So the IOS people face problems. They even have to switch to the android phones if they want to get access to the app.

Officially the developers of the app stated that there is not any such application for the iPhones of the Apple products. According to them, they are trying their best to provide the application for Apple devices as well. For this time, the IOS users have to move to the android phones. They can also use some alternative application to get the similar results.

So if you are an IOS user then don’t worry, you can also enjoy the same features and the fun through application, but you can’t sign in using the Google application or the Google account. Don’t worry have fun using alternate application on your phone?

If you are fond of the application, then we would like to recommend you to purchase the android phone or the personal computer so that you can enjoy all the features. If you are successful in downloading the application in your IOS phone by some other mean, then you will be unable to use all the features of the application. It may allow you to download the application, but you will be unable to watch the video or the audio in the offline mode or you will be unable to access minor features of the app.

You can also use the personal computer to get the application installed in it. It is the best option when you don’t have android phone. On the computer, you can enjoy all the features of the application without any type of hurdle and problems.